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Coming to a Mind Body Spirit fair near you?

We will be out and about with a stand at the following Mind Body Spirit fairs this year. If you are nearby, we would love to say Hi. We will also be showing our crafts that are suitable for the MBS scene – check these handcrafted items out at Crafted Wood and Glass. Hope to […]

Breaking the Phobia Chain through Hypnotherapy and NLP

Does a spider, heights, flying or other phobia send shivers down your spine, make you feel sick or full of crippling anxiety? Imagine conquering your phobia! Imagine stepping into a happier, more comfortable life! Hypnotherapy and NLP for phobias reshapes your subconscious and thought patterns, guiding you towards a positive and helpful mindset. And it […]

Gift Voucher

A thoughtful present for someone special! A gift voucher for ‘self care’ sessions at Thoughts Matter. The recipient can chose from remote or in person sessions for NLP, Hypnotherapy and TFT *. They can also choose in person Reiki sessions. Just message me and I can organise a gift voucher promptly for you. You will […]

Fake it till you make it!

“Fake it till you make it” I love this saying.  By doing so, you can rewire your neural pathways for lasting positive personal change. What’s not to love about that?! NLP, Hypnotherapy and Thought Field Therapy has effective and powerful techniques to achieve these positive outcomes. I am going to share some with you below. Perhaps […]

Fed up being fed up with chronic pain?

Anyone who has suffered from persistent chronic pain certainly does not need me to explain how draining and debilitating it can be. Pain acts as a warning signal that something dangerous is putting us at risk. That’s very useful when for example, you stub your toe. The nervous system sends signals to your brain. Your […]

Menopause and sleep – a post-menopausal hypnotherapist view!

Menopause and sleep – or to be more accurate menopause and insomnia!  A very common issue with the menopause journey, is the absence of a ‘good’ night’s sleep and not feeling rested the next morning.  A cycle that spirals.  As we deal with the hormonal changes that physically disrupts our sleep, we also experience the […]