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Excessive worry

I will guide you to move from an internal state of excessive worry towards one of more comfort and balance.  We learn to behave unconsciously in a certain way to some anxiety triggers. Hence we can worry excessively about the ‘what if’ scenarios in life. This often results in the worry being disproportionate to the issue itself and becoming, draining, and debilitating.  You can learn new habitual ways that are more helpful and enabling. So you can be in a much more comfortable and positive state of mind. 

Low self-esteem and confidence

I will guide you to harness your inner resources – to give you positivity and self-belief.  Often our inner voice can be critical – usually with good in mind – to protect us, keep us safe, or to drive us.  However good these intentions are, sometimes the internal strategies we use are not helpful to us as a whole! We may do what we set out to, but not necessarily feeling good about ourselves in the process. Or without indeed feeling comfortable in our own skin.  We can work together with your inner critic to operate in a more positive, self-loving, encouraging way to get you where you need to or want to be.

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Insomnia is often caused or deeply affected by our thoughts. Worries and thoughts always seem to feel worse at night – keeping us awake, or waking us up and preventing our minds and bodies from getting the rest we need. My aim is to guide you from these sapping effects on your energy, and mind, to feeling more rested and balanced.

 Negative major life events

Major life events are very unsettling and immobilising for a time.  We can lose perspective, stability, and must navigate a whole host of different emotions.  My aim is to guide you from these immobilising effects, to being able to regroup and reset and find direction again. So if you are struggling with the anxiety fall out from events like redundancy, divorce, and separation – reach out.

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Menopause is of course a major life event for a woman – even referred to as ‘The Change’ or ‘The Change of Life’. Says it all really!  If you are like me – before it happened to me, I would watch women get a bit grumpy, have flushes and be forgetful – and that’s all I thought about it.  But once you start navigating it for yourself, you realise that it can actually make you feel a lot more powerless and can shake your confidence and self-esteem!

Some women sail through the emotional effects of these physical changes of course, and do not feel that different by the time they come through the process.   But a lot of us feel destabilised – feeling less sure in the world then we did before.  We can’t help with the physical aspects/issues of Menopause of course! But we can help you work through internal strategies to help manage the journey, ride the storm rather than drowning in it, and re settle you as the positive woman you still are.

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Anxiety triggers affecting physical conditions.

Eg. Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria CSU, Chronic Fatigue CFS, hypertension, Fibromyalgia and others.

We work together on the anxiety aspect, that so often has a negative trigger effect on these conditions.  When you work on these triggers in the right way, often the physical symptoms can also be helped significantly. And your learnings can be integrated into your self care regime.  Check out the reviews – Daniel and Maggie in particular, who both are dealing with chronic physical conditions on a daily basis, which are significantly triggered by stress, and how these therapies have helped them manage.

To be clear, I work solely with the anxiety triggers and effects on the physical condition. Clients should always follow all advice and treatment prescribed by their health care providers.


Spiders, flying, heights!  These are the common ones of course. But there are many others.  Phobias are born from behaviours and strategies the mind has, to deal with danger or fear.  However wonderful our unconscious is – it sometimes gets carried away. It overreacts! And continues to believe that the overreaction is the right way to respond to ensure you are in a high alert, ready for danger state. When in fact of course it isn’t – hence the phobia response!  NLP and hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping get over these overreactions and find a much more comfortable and proportionate way to respond to triggering situations.

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If you would like to discuss issues, approaches and strategies further, please get in touch.