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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaching and Hypnotherapy . Two methodologies that work so well hand in hand to enable positive change.

NLP harnesses techniques which can be used by you to improve personal outcomes, support well-being and create positive change. NLP enables us to communicate effectively with our internal selves in a way that reprogrammes thought patterns to be more helpful – on many levels! Whether its to shift a limiting belief that’s holding you back, form healthier habits or combat anxiety triggers. It is worth noting however, that NLP is not psychotherapy, psychology or psychoanalysis. “NLP and coaching differ from psychotherapy as they start with a belief the client is OK, well and whole, and simply wants some help moving from where they are now to where they would like to be.” – The Association of NLP. NLP and Hypnotherapy for positive change work even more effectively together.

Hypnotherapy enables us to communicate effectively with our unconscious minds to gain insight, motivation and lasting change. Modern hypnotherapy is a gentle, non intrusive, effective practice with powerful positive effects. It is completely opposite to the old idea of being under someone else’s control!. Its is extremely calming and comfortable – a positive deep state of relaxation to be in that enables personal positive change to be embedded.

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