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Benefiting from compatible techniques, UK

I have been to see Bev a few times now and she’s amazing in what she does. She puts you at ease as soon as you walk through her front door. She has a calming presence and makes sense in everything she says during the therapy sessions which is fascinating to hear and to learn from her. The hypnosis is so relaxing and definitely works. You feel totally different afterwards for the better. The reiki too is so relaxing. Her techniques with various therapies are second to none and I came away feeling calm and more understanding of my inner self. I shall be arranging another appointment with Bev when I feel the need too as she has helped me for the time being. Thank you Bev


on panic attacks, UK

A hypnotherapy session with Beverly really helped me manage crippling panic attacks after a brain injury. I felt completely at ease with her and highly recommend if you are struggling with something


on dentist anxiety, UK

I went to see Bev seeking help for the anxiety and stress that I build up before a dentist appointment. Bev said she could relax me to an hypnotic state while guiding me through with her soothing voice. Her words counted me down into a relaxed place and she spoke of how I could relax myself while I’d be in the dentist chair. Her room was warm, quiet and private. I noticed she had beautiful colourful glass around the room. After my session I was very happy with what I had learnt and felt very positive. I recently had a dental checkup and with Bevs words I felt a lot calmer. This is an ongoing problem for me so I will be in contact with Bev for further treatment. I would highly recommend.


on anxiety triggering, UK

I approached Beverly because I was struggling to manage my anxiety around my mothers diagnosis of Alzheimers and the worry about the journey ahead for my Mum, Dad and I.  I was experiencing headaches and was worrying about things that hadn’t even happened yet and felt that it was spoiling the time I currently have with my parents.  Beverly was kind and empathetic, and gently worked with me using both NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques to alleviate my anxiety which lead to headaches.  The change I have experienced is remarkable and I feel able to enjoy what time I have with my parents without worrying about the future. Both my anxiety and headaches, caused by the situation, have gone and I now feel able to cope and function as I would like to.


on symptom control, UK

I have now had 2 appointments with Beverly, for treatment to aid suspected stress-related trigger for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria and Angiodema. During both appointments, Beverly has been professional yet personal – making me feel relaxed ahead of treatment. Beverly utilised different NLP and hypnotherapy techniques to address both the symptoms and the triggers. My last appointment was nearly 3 weeks ago now, and I have not had a flare up since – beforehand, I was having flare-ups at least weekly


on pain management, UK

After having an hour of pain management with Beverly I felt very relaxed for the rest of the day, and felt my pain was greatly reduced, and still continues to be much easier to cope with.  If I needed to I would definitely have another session.


on lifestyle habit change, UK

‘I chose to try a hypnotherapy session to see if it could help me have more control over my habit of drinking wine every evening.  I didn’t know what to expect but Bev explained clearly and I felt perfectly safe and happy to proceed.  Ive never had hypnotherapy before and I have to say its one of the most relaxing experiences ever.  I could hear what she was saying but felt like Id had a wonderful, restorative sleep by the end of the session.  So the result so far is interesting to myself.  I have still had a glass of wine most evenings because I wanted to but Ive felt a new positivity towards my health and fitness.  Ive been eating healthily and upped my exercise routines which has resulted in feeling satisfied and kinder towards myself and in control of the choices Im making.  Ive lost a bit of weight too.  Ive also found one of the techniques Bev used (counting backwards from a high number, slowly) really helps if I cant sleep.  Works every time.  An added bonus!’

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