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Fed up being fed up with chronic pain?

Anyone who has suffered from persistent chronic pain certainly does not need me to explain how draining and debilitating it can be. Pain acts as a warning signal that something dangerous is putting us at risk. That’s very useful when for example, you stub your toe. The nervous system sends signals to your brain. Your brain decides how much danger you are in and elevates the pain accordingly. You act appropriately and the danger is resolved. With chronic pain conditions however, it becomes a different animal. Chronic pain management becomes part of every day life.

When we suffer from the ongoing inflammation and damage caused to our bodies through chronic physical conditions such as Osteo Arthritis or Fibromyalgia, the brain becomes very sensitive to these long-term repetitive signals and stays on high alert – even when it does not need to. The high alert status is also common when there is no physical danger to tissue, for example Phantom Limb Pain. A very real pain is experienced, but in a limb that is no longer there.

This in turn causes other stresses on the mind and body and the cycle continues. Coping strategies and interventions, including (but not exhaustive!) medication, rest, planning, appropriate exercise and physical therapy, and nutrition, enables sufferers to holistically manage their situation as best as possible.

Hypnotherapy is one of those helpful pain management interventions.

In hypnosis, we work with the unconscious mind to manage the intensity of the pain signals, to be as helpful and as appropriate as possible, while still doing its job.

In addition, the quality of relaxation experienced in hypnosis, enables a softening of the ongoing physical, emotional, and mental tension of being in a high pain alert state. This form of chronic pain management is safe, gentle and effective.

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