older woman with menopause sleep problems, sleeping. Thoughts Matter Beverly Chappell

Menopause and sleep – a post-menopausal hypnotherapist view!

Menopause and sleep – or to be more accurate menopause and insomnia!  A very common issue with the menopause journey, is the absence of a ‘good’ night’s sleep and not feeling rested the next morning.  A cycle that spirals.  As we deal with the hormonal changes that physically disrupts our sleep, we also experience the stress of not having had a good night’s sleep. This stress in turn negatively impacts our ability to – you guessed it – having a good night’s sleep!   

I personally know the frustration, anxiety and stress this brings. Now that I am ‘out the other side’, I do feel rested most mornings. And not surprisingly, I am able to be more relaxed about almost everything (well most of the time anyway!).

You do not have to wait until you are ‘out the other side’ of menopause to regain some control and improve sleep. NLP and Hypnotherapy can support you through the journey.

As the Menopause Charity puts it  ‘Menopause and sleep problems arise as low oestrogen affects our ability to get to sleep and / or stay asleep long enough to get a good night’s rest. Stress can quickly exacerbate if you lie in bed worrying at night

Hypnotherapy, combined with NLP can greatly improve the worry element of not being able to sleep during menopause. Furthermore, this can also have a significant beneficial effect on our overall stress management during this time of change. 

By targeting the stress and anxiety triggers, in the supportive, powerful and deeply comfortable way that hypnotherapy and NLP offers, – watch out! – you may find that not just your issues with sleep are greatly improved! 🙂

Reach out to chat about how I can help with NLP, Hypnotherapy and compatible complementary therapies.  I’ve been there, done that and proudly even have the T shirt! I know some of what you are going through and have a skill set to help you.